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If you’ve worked with Lead Concepts before, then you may be familiar with LeadLink, a popular program that is used to track the leads you have acquired and what the status for those leads are. But if this is your first time working with us, or the program still confuses you, this is an article that you’ll want to be familiar with!

This page is designed to get you more familiar with LeadLink, as well as how it benefits you. Before we dive into how LeadLink works and ways you can navigate it, let’s go over what LeadLink is and what its benefits are.

What is LeadLink?

LeadLink is a browser-based organizer that is designed for insurance agents and brokers. This means that agents and brokers who use LeadLink will have access to work their leads. Simply put: LeadLink is there for you to be able to manage, organize, assign and track your success.

And, luckily for you, there are a lot of advantages to working with LeadLink. The first (and most obvious) advantage is the fact that it makes tracking and managing your leads a lot easier. For example, rather than struggling to determine who is managing what leads, LeadLink will have it all ready for you.

Access LeadLink

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LeadLink benefits will include:

  • Agent overview. Agent overview allows you to look over the information of any agents associated with your LeadLink account.
  • Assign leads. LeadLink’s ability to allow you to assign leads means that you can send leads to anyone within your company who is using LeadLink.
  • Track metrics. Tracking metrics means that you are able to track your data, and LeadLink makes sure that is an easy task for anyone who is on its platform.
  • View new leads. Being able to view new leads is important because it allows you to track your progress, both long-term and short-term. LeadLink makes it easy for you to view new leads so that you can later assign them.
  • View historical data. You want to view all historical data, regardless of its nature, to determine what is working and what isn’t. LeadLink gives you the ability to view your historical data.
  • Export responses and leads. By exporting leads, we mean exporting their information as different files, whether it be through Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF or more. This is a great tool for those who want to have this information saved somewhere outside of LeadLink.

How to access LeadLink

You can easily access LeadLink’s website page by clicking this link: Access LeadLink. Once you’re there, you can use your credentials to login and gain entrance to the site.



We hope that LeadLink is a helpful took within your company as you assign, organize and manage your leads. Whether you’re a Lead Link pro, or Lead Link is something new, Lead Concepts is always here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your lead representative if you need any further assistance in navigating this program.

Access LeadLink

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