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Financial Planning

The demand for financial services is booming right now. New developments are changing the way people think about their finances. More and more people are seeking assistance with their financial security and their lifetime goals. Our financial planning lead campaigns target these individuals and generate unique leads who want your services. Our experience ensures you have the best opportunity to meet more clients and grow your business.

The influence of technology is evolving the financial sector, and there is a massive shift in how people treat their finances.  For example, FinTech has boomed in the wake of the Millennial generation, and 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring everyday. The financial world and the needs of your customers are evolving. It is important to evolve with them. In the financial planning business, knowledge and understanding of current (and future) trends is king!

This is where Lead Concepts can help. We understand this evolving mindset of the consumer. We will use our knowledge to get you more leads who need your financial planning services.

One of the keys to a successful financial planning direct mail campaign is a targeted list. Financial planning is a continuously evolving market. So, you need to make sure you are targeting the most current and relevant demographics. Lead Concepts has years of experience in this area, and we use this experience to target the best leads based on several factors:



The mindset of a Millennial is much different than the mindset of a Baby Boomer. Therefore, it is important to know who you are marketing to. Lead Concepts uses these lists to target the prospects that match your services.

People with a household income of at least $100,000 are shown to seek financial services more often than lower incomes. Higher incomes value smart financial decisions.

Direct mail offers a great conversion opportunity and top of mind awareness. Therefore, you want to be the only one marketing to these lists. Lead Concepts DOES NOT resale leads, so you will always be marketing to exclusive prospects.

We target the exact market that will give you the greatest success in selling financial planning services. The right marketing is critical to your success! Our years of experience and direct mail experts ensure you will get the best financial planning leads.

It isn’t always easy keeping up with your prospects, leads, and current customers. With Lead Concepts’ revolutionary Lead Management Software, Lead Link, we make it easy to manage your leads. Make custom notes on individual leads to track their progress through the sales pipeline, keep in touch with those you haven’t contacted in 3 months, and more. We offer easy-to-use tools to manage your financial planning leads.

Get a steady flow of leads with our lead campaigns. With fresh leads coming your way, you can spend your time selling and building client relationships.

With the leads we generate, you can become the customer’s trusted advisor. Solid relationships with current clients give you a greater chance to get referrals. There are millions of people in the United States seeking financial services every year. Everyday 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring and need to plan their finances. This means you have the perfect opportunity to speak with them regarding your services. You can market to these customers every time of year, build rapport, and sell more.

Our financial planning mail pieces are designed for your specific market. Millennial mail pieces contain new and fresh content that highlights growth. Meanwhile, our mail designed for retirees focuses on security for the rest of their life and help their loved ones. Each piece is specifically designed to maximize quality leads in your market.

Don’t go without new leads ever again. Get in touch with us today. We’ll make your lead campaigns a success.

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