4 Best Customer Service Tips For Insurance Agents

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When approaching customers, one needs to be very careful and professional about facts and their presentation. Many insurance companies tend to make lofty promises but fail on delivery. If you’re an insurance agent and looking for some customer service tips, you’re in the right place. Let’s begin.


1. Project Empathy

As an insurance agent, you are bound to receive some complaints on a daily basis. While it may be about you, your service, or something else, you need to understand that this is normal and it’s also normal to become frustrated on occasion. However, you need to understand that every customer’s problems are unique and you need to show emotional support and empathy. This will help an extremely dissatisfied customer relax and realize that you are trying to help them.

2. Follow Up

When you are making a sales call, be polite and keep the customer’s busy schedule in mind. Not everyone has the time to listen to a sales call. Following up is a key aspect of being an insurance agent. Failing to do so is a good way to make a potential client feel unprioritized. When this happens, the customer is much more likely to go with another insurance company. Don’t be afraid to reschedule, just make sure that you remember to follow up!

3. Use a Personal Touch

The last thing a customer wants to hear when they are distressed is an automated message telling them to ‘Please hold.’ It is understood that sometimes it’s not possible to address a customer immediately, but whenever possible a customer should speak to a real person. If you are there for the customer at the right time, you could have yourself a loyal customer for life.

4. Develop Etiquettes

When customers step into your office, you need to showcase your professionalism: be appropriately dressed, clean, and well organized. Courtesy and understanding will also go a long way. Make your clients want to see you. Most people aren’t going to be excited to have to go see “the insurance person”, but feeling welcome and taken care of can go a long way toward establishing a lasting relationship.

Final Word

Being an insurance agent is a tough job. A customer leaving with a good or bad impression totally depends on you. The key lies in being presentable, knowledgeable, and displaying a positive personality. If the customers know you will stand behind your promises, they will most likely give you a chance. Moreover, selling something is a lot about developing the skill of selling, and it can only be acquired by doing it.


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