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4 Ways Lead Generation is Changing

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If you’re familiar with Lead Concepts, you know that we have spent the last 30 years specializing in lead generation for businesses like yours. But, of course, over the course of time, a lot of things have changed. People have changed, styles have changed, and even lead generation has changed. And, depending on how you run a business, it can be a good thing or a bad thing. Regardless, it’s a concept that is always improving.

But, how? Keep reading this article to discover the ways in which lead generation is transforming.

The changes that are happening in lead generation

  • The pace is getting faster. And by this, we mean much faster. Within the past 10 years, there has been so many developments to technology that it’s hard to keep up. These developments make it easier for businesses like yours to get into contact with current and potential clients in more effective ways. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, services like Zoom have been dominating the country. Not only can you meet with clients face-to-face, but you can share your screen with them and hold breakout sessions in the event that you have multiple people on one call.The increasingly faster pace of lead generation is important to understand, so that you know how your business can grow. It also helps you understand what your competition will be doing in order to keep up.
  • The introduction to “alternative means.” What does that mean? Well, by “alternative means,” we’re saying that for every generic service offered, there also exists better services that are more convenient for the public. Let’s make this clearer with an example. In this scenario, you’re going on vacation with some friends, and this specific trip requires flying. As soon as your plane lands, you’re faced with the problem of local transportation. How are you going to get to your hotel? Twenty years ago, the answer would be to hail a cab or rent a car. Now, you can still do both of those things, but you can also order an Uber or a Lyft. That’s what we mean by “alternative means.”And, believe it or not, there are alternative means for lead generation, too. Now, companies are starting to host webinars and virtual conferences for potential clients, or people who just want to learn more about their insurance company in general. Another way that lead generation is changing has to do with transparency. As businesses are fighting to gain the trust of the public, they’re doing so by being completely transparent about their intentions and order of operations. Part of this is entails sharing the work the company has done with current and previous clients as an example of what it can do for future clients.

    Not to mention, as social media is dominating the market, many people are beginning to do their advertising there. Specifically, TikTok. “Work life” is an increasingly popular topic on TikTok, as businesses begin to highlight their company culture and what services they offer, generating hundreds of thousands of views and likes. Among these businesses are insurance companies and financial advisors. A notable player in this game is Antonette Aquino, who has nearly 300 thousand followers on TikTok alone.

  • Advertising is getting more aggressive. The faster pace of lead generation has made it so much more possible for companies to come up with new means of advertising. But not only that, but it also allows for companies to use more aggressive forms of advertising to sell their service to clients.For example, if you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube, you’ve most likely had to sit through an advertisement or two before your content actually began. That’s one example of aggressive marketing, but there’s so much more than just that. There are also pop-up advertisements that take up your entire webpage, comments on social media, free giveaways, advertisements disguised as content, and more. And the craziest part about it is that it’s really effective.

    This is an important thing to note for your company, especially if you are considering switching up your advertising techniques in order to generate more leads. It’s also important to note that sometimes, aggressive advertising may not be the best move. If all of your competition is utilizing this, then you may want to try different advertising techniques, so that your business will seem like a breath of fresh air to any potential clients. These forms of advertising can include inbound marketing and passive advertising.

    Inbound marketing prioritizes marketing through SEO, blogs, events and more, which is an effective way to really engage with the target audience. Passive advertising is the exact opposite of aggressive advertising. This form will advertise to audiences in more subtle ways. For example, the placement of a banner advertisement will go in places people naturally look anyways. So, if someone is reading an article, the banner advertisement will be located at the bottom of the screen, where someone would naturally look as the article comes to a close.

  • Audiences are changing. Lead generation is all about getting a potential client interested in your business and its services. As of 2020, Millennials are the largest workforce population. So that means you will have to be tailoring more of your marketing and advertisements toward them. And that can be a good thing. If you’re not a Millennial, learning more about their collective experiences, likes/dislikes and goals will help you understand how your company can effectively pitch to them. It will also help you relate with them, making the marketing strategies even easier.Understanding your audiences has always been a key component of lead generation. Without knowing your audience, you find yourself at a loss for how you can market to them and get them to be just as passionate about your product or service as you are. Now that audiences are changing within lead generation, you have an opportunity to learn how your company can continue to thrive as you gather leads.

How these changes can apply to you

The purpose of lead generation is to catch a client’s interest and increase revenue. And so that means you may have to change up some of your strategies in order to get better are generating these leads. This is especially important if you feel as though your company has been stagnant, meaning your operations haven’t been changing. Regardless of your company’s performance, it’s important to be transforming alongside lead generation. If business is good now, but you are refusing to adapt to change, you are putting yourself — and your company — at risk of falling behind the competition.

And as scary as that is, it can also work to your advantage.

If your competition is not embracing the changes to lead generation, but you are, then you are pushing your company ahead of everyone else. This is an extremely important thing to do, especially as you are trying to turn potential clients into actual clients. If you’re nervous about participating in popular trends such as TikTok, it may end up being worth it.


Let’s face it — no matter how hard you may resist, change is going to happen. It happens to everyone and everything. Lead generation, specifically, is changing by:

  • The pace is getting faster.
  • The introduction to “alternative means.”
  • Advertisements is getting more aggressive.
  • Audiences are changing.

But remember: This is how lead generation is changing and what others are doing to stay in tune. These are not one-size-fits-all strategies. In other words, these aren’t things your company must do if you really feel as though they aren’t applicable. In insurance, achieving transparency by using current clients as an example can be tricky because everyone has different backgrounds. But we are noting this because it may spark an idea for something unique that you can do.

At Lead Concepts, we encourage doing what is best for your business. If you need help generating leads, you’ve come to the right place. Visit our website or call us at 214.833.6385 today.


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