We offer a unique product designed specifically for the needs of each client, maximizing efficiency in each element of our relationship with your business. Our personalized direct mail campaigns are created based on your individual needs and the type of leads your company requires.

Lead Concepts is constantly researching new, innovative ways to generate leads. Our expansion in digital marketing has introduced us to lead generation through email, social media, and paid ads for our clients. Most importantly, as our company grows, our clients grow with us.


In 1991, Lead Concepts, Inc. was founded with a mission to focus on our patrons and place people before profit. We continue to uphold these standards in every division of our business. From clients to team members, our priority is you.

Our company’s core values reflect this goal and are posted on walls throughout the building: respect and value others, spirit of excellence, exceed expectations, be innovative, and possess integrity. We come to work every day with the goal of helping others succeed

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Lead Concepts is not just lead generation. We are also a supportive work environment, a place to build relationships, a group project, and, most importantly, a work in progress.

The creation and upkeep of Lead Concepts is nothing short of a deep passion for Founder/Owner Chris Weir. After 30 years in business, he can still recall the names of his first 20 clients. This care and diligence has transferred to the culture of the company. At Lead Concepts, clients quickly become friends.

We began as a family business. However, as we grow and introduce new clients, team members, and partnerships, we will continue to uphold the same values of respect, care, and attention to individual needs. When you choose to work with Lead Concepts, you join our family.



We qualify our leads, competitively price them, and provide exclusivity to our customers. In other words, we do not share leads. Our No. 1 priority is to listen to your specific needs and develop programs to fill your sales funnel with real prospects. Our main objectives exist to help your business grow.

 Lead Concepts listens intently to the feedback of our customers, ensures a quality product for each client, and progresses alongside the insurance industry so you are never missing out on a new way to generate leads.

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