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Lead Concepts is the best source for all annuity leads. We offer leads that best match your desired market and demographic, maximizing your efforts. These leads can range from those who still need clarification on the annuity definition to those who are ready to discuss annuity rates. If you are looking for an energizing opportunity for lead generation, you don’t need to look any further than us.

Many agents offer multiple forms of annuities — especially when it comes to fixed, variable or index — alongside their insurance products and policies. Although there are similarities in what these plans can offer, we know that different forms of annuities attract different audiences. This is why knowing your annuity market and demographic can help Lead Concepts target leads and potential customers that are tailored to your annuity goals.


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We have the tools to target the audience you are looking for. Typically, someone in the market for annuity insurance will be below retirement age, as he or she will pay for annuity throughout his/her working life to prepare for retirement.  Additionally, the ideal customer for an annuity investment would be someone with a high life expectancy. Although it is impossible and unprofessional for any agent to guess how long a person’s life will last, your client may give you insight on whether an annuity plan is right for them through simple conversation. Lead Concepts can help you target your ideal client through our specialized and developed direct mail strategies.

Additionally, annuity lead generation leaves a lot of room for experimentation due to the wide range of potential customers. Some people begin paying for an annuity at age 30, and some begin at age 60. There are costs and benefits for joining an annuity plan at different ages, and it is important to consider these pros and cons when picking the profile of your ideal customer. Someone who is 30 may have less money in their account than someone who is 60, yet a 30-year-old will receive a much higher benefit after they retire due to the longevity of their plan. Similarly, a younger audience may be less initially interested in an annuity plan since they do not benefit from the plan until much later in their lives.

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Whether you want qualified or non-qualified leads for annuities, we can help match your goals to the leads we provide. Our lead research allows us to analyze what potential clients are looking for and sort them accordingly.

There are three methods of approach that agents can choose between: direct, indirect or, depending on their personal style, seminar. These different categories will allow you to customize your strategy and create a plan that will fit your goals. Employing a unique and natural approach is best for engaging new leads’ interests. At Lead Concepts, we are happy to work with our clients one-on-one to ensure that our leads fit your action plan. You’ll quickly find that each lead we generate is new and exclusive to you. Fill out our form to know more.

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From the Editor: ‘8 Reasons Exclusive Insurance Leads Are Worth Buying”

A common reason businesses do not want to buy exclusive leads is because they are often associated with a higher price tag. However, the common saying “you get what you pay for” rings true when buying shared versus exclusive leads. Since exclusive leads are more likely to be converted into sales, it might be a smarter long term financial decision to buy exclusive leads even though shared leads have an initial on-sale price.

Another contributing factor to the quality of exclusive leads is the ability to customize them for your business in order to find the people who are most likely to buy from you.

Additionally, it is possible to find exclusive leads at a reasonable price. In fact, in some cases shared leads may attract more agents due to the association with lower prices but still cost more than exclusive leads.

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