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Canterbury Pointe Consulting LLC & Lead Concepts | 2022 

The Situation

Diane D. is the Principal Owner of Canterbury Pointe Consulting LLC, an Employee Benefits Advisor company representing over 20 Life and Health Insurance Companies in the Greater Atlanta Area.

Diane D. and Canterbury Consulting LLC work with individuals, businesses, and Healthcare and Government organizations. The organization lends assistance in finding individual and group insurance needs. The organization conducts regular free Medicare informational events in targeted areas.

In late 2022 Diane D. needed to produce and present a Medicare Seminar for seniors in her local Atlanta area. Diane knew she needed a venue that could comfortably seat 25-30 prospects and stay within the $15.00 maximum budget that could be spent per prospect.

However, she needs the resources to market, schedule, and track attendees for her free educational seminar. That is why she reached out to Lead Concepts.

The Solution

With a lofty goal of seating 25-30 attendees, Diane D. worked alongside Lead Concepts to make that goal a reality.

Diane D. heeded the advice of our sales rep and scheduled the seminar for a Thursday at 6 pm instead of a lunchtime event. She also decided to hold the event at a local staple restaurant that offered food and drinks. Diane was able to book all of this while staying within her budget.

After securing a location and seminar date, the next step was to build out her custom mail piece with her Lead Concepts Sales Rep.

The Lead Concepts Art Department seamlessly built out an inviting and action-provoking full-color 6” x 9” postcard. The postcard featured the logo from the venue, a beautifully prepared meal, and a crafted message to spark interest.

The back of the postcard presented the recipient with all the necessary details about the event, a trackable QR code, and a phone number for recipients to RSVP to the event.

Lead Concepts recommends that seminar clients take advantage of our tracking and reservation service, Seminar Link. This service will include, among other capabilities, a 24/7 live 800 reservation phone service.

The targeted mailing list of recipients was curated by Lead Concepts for Diane. Our mailing lists are updated regularly and provide the most reliable data on the market.

This is how Lead Concepts can provide the highest-intent seminar leads in the industry.

The mailing list targeted the specific audience that Diane requested. Lead Concepts can target recipients by location, age, income, net worth, and many more segmentations. Lead Concepts can also exclude specific segmentations to increase response rates further.

Three thousand 6” x 9” full-color postcards were mailed out with standard postage four weeks before the scheduled event.

The Results

Diane D. and Canterbury Pointe Consulting LLC had a fantastic turnout for their free Medicare Seminar. Because of the direct mail campaign, 37 seniors attended Diane’s seminar.

Diane was able to track the attendee’s RSVP status and data, in real-time, with the Lead Concepts reservation system, Seminar Link. Her attendees even received a friendly event reminder phone call before the event.

Diane D. said, “The seminar went very well.” 11 people attended who didn’t RSVP in Seminar Link.

Diane had multiple appointments set immediately after her seminar.


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