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Final expense insurance — also known as burial insurance or funeral insurance — offers financial support for the families of loved ones who have passed away. It is difficult to go through any loss of a household member, but when he or she was the breadwinner, it can double as a significant financial loss too. Many turn to either final expense, burial policy, or both to prevent the loved one’s death from becoming a financial burden.

Lead Concepts has been a leader in developing final expense and burial insurance leads for three decades. We have the knowledge, products and experience to provide the best lead generation services in the industry to our clients. 

Some families may be unaware of the benefits of a final expense or burial insurance plan or simply not know where to go to find information about these plans. That is why we reach out to families without final expense insurance and provide them with an introduction to the concept of these plans and a resource (you!) to contact for more information. 

We understand the sensitivity of this topic, which is why our mailers are designed with the potential customer in mind. Our final expense and burial mailers can provide the specific tone and mood you are looking for when interacting with clients in need. 

Many people become overwhelmed by expenses after a loved one’s death because they do not comprehend funeral costs and are unaware of burial insurance until it is too late. That is why final expense burial and cremation leads are plentiful. You will be able to successfully convert these leads by emphasizing the importance of covering funeral costs and medical bills. 


Final Expense Leads

“Tips on Getting the Sale

It is important to establish a personable relationship with your client and insist that you are looking out for their best interests. In the age of cyber-insurance scams that target an older audience, your goal is to make your client feel at ease. Agents can achieve this by displaying credibility, making conversation, and responding to concerns in an open and honest way.

Present every option to them and explain the fine print. Demonstrating transparency is crucially important when trying to sell Final Expense policies, and doing so will create a more trusting relationship between you and the client.

After all, it is the client and their family who will be left with the policy once the sale is made. By listening and adapting to their needs, you can ensure their satisfaction. Clients are more likely to recommend you to others if you show honesty and transparency. This attention to the client translates to a good reputation for you and your company.”

Final Expense and Burial Leads


When it comes to selling burial insurance, Lead Concepts has the tools to help you be successful. We have many options that will increase your final expense insurance plan response rates. From giveaways to phone appointments, demographic targeting and more, our team has employed a variety of tactics to ensure you get the highest response possible. These customizable options allow agents to choose a mail design that fits his or her sales style and, as a result, convert more leads into clients.

Additionally, our current top-performing mail design advertises a free Walmart gift card to your potential clients. This design choice drives more responses and encourages potential clients to set appointments with you. 

We ensure that the leads we send to your inbox are real people that are interested in your services. In fact, we employ a lot of past and current data that enables us to make informed decisions about our direct mail strategy for generating final expense and burial/funeral leads. Our guarantee is our clients will receive high-quality leads when they work with us. By providing creative and unique lead generation methods, listening to customer feedback, and never sharing leads, we commit ourselves to customer satisfaction. 

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My team and I have been very satisfied clients of Lead Concepts for many years. Service is top-notch, and lead quality is great, too. I’ve dealt with many lead vendors over the years, and Lead Concepts is the best at producing high-quality direct mail leads for final expense agents.

-David Duford

Lead Concepts services are outstanding! Our agents rely on them regularly throughout the year to help generate leads to grow their businesses. They are professional, helpful, reliable and great people with whom to work. We strongly encourage any agents or agencies who are looking for a great lead company to utilize them. Special shout out to Michael Pineda who is top notch!

-Brightstar Agents

A lot of people have asked me if I endorse Lead Concepts. My answer is, hell yes I endorse Lead Concepts!!! You should all give all your money to Lead Concepts. Your business will grow!

Christian Brindle

“Personalized service and guaranteed results that they put in writing taking the guess work/mystery out of ordering leads, budgeting and direct mail marketing. Life savers who make it easy and treat you like family.”

-Heather Majka

The staff at Lead Concepts are friendly, professional, and patient! They answered all our questions and helped us make the best decisions about our mailers. We look forward to continuing our partnership!

-Lauren Gill

“You guys are awesome & always super responsive! We enjoy working with your company!”

-Kortney Vibelius 


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