Fresh and manageable funeral home leads

Looking to expand the reach of your funeral home? Market your funeral home with more than just a generic mailer. Our customizable funeral home leads allow us to provide you with exactly what you want, when you want it. Lead Concepts offers budget-friendly seminar mailers, surveys, open house invitations, coupons and more.

Our funeral home leads are able to be ordered in bulk. We make sure the mailing is done over a set period of time, ensuring consistency and mass coverage. This keeps responses fresh and manageable.

By offering funeral home preneed leads we can assist in reaching those harder to reach clients. Preneed customers are not as directly in the market as at need customers. By reaching these customers in their preplanning stage you can make sure they are covered for funeral costs, final expense insurance, and have an established death benefit. Preneed plans offer a lot of opportunities. Whether you are an independent funeral home or a larger entity these qualified leads are not something to pass up.

Expand your client base through a wider outreach. Whether you are looking to increase your marketability in preneed, at need, or both, Lead Concepts can make sure your message is tailored to those areas of business you wish to expand upon and reach out to those in need of your services. 

Through Lead Concepts we can assure you won’t be stuck with stale leads that are inactive or uninterested. We make sure we provide our clients with the best funeral home leads available, assuring value in our services and an amplification of yours.





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We are currently living in a time where medicare leads are at a tremendous high. Every single day an average of 10,000 Americans age into eligibility. This offers insurance agents an opportune time to generate leads and expand interest. Whether it be Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) leads or increasing marketing efforts in the demographic of those just entering the age of eligibility, Lead Concepts is here to provide the best  leads with consistency and high intent. 

Lead Concepts offers both medicare supplement leads and T65 leads. We consult our nearly 30 years of data to make sure we are providing you with the best market recommendations. By staying informed, adjusting our evaluations as needed, Lead Concepts can maximize results for our clients. 

Our high performing leads have also benefited from our many years of experience. Small tweaks and sometimes outright changes have improved the performance of our direct mail pieces. By offering these high quality medicare and insurance leads we look to help you increase response rates and offer real time results.

When it comes to providing leads for agents we make sure the leads they receive are the best available. By reaching real people with a genuine need and interest T65 and Supplement medicare services. Our exclusive leads consist of those turning 65 who are interested in medicare as well as those looking to expand upon or readjust their current medicare plan.

Staying within compliance guidelines for Medicare Leads

We have several medicare supplement and T65 lead options for you to choose from. We always follow CMS Guidelines. While staying within these government regulated guidelines, we still offer unique and innovative ways to increase leads. By doing so Lead Concepts is able to provide our clients with the tools needed to concentrate on working with their customers, rather than answering complaints from CMS and other regulators.

Check out our 2020 AEP Video Series 


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