How To Generate Insurance Leads On Facebook

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Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms out there. There are billions of people using Facebook every day, so it goes without saying that Facebook can do wonders for your business leads. The platform makes it easy to find your audience and easy to target them with advertising. This allows you to generate organic leads and, if you use the right marketing strategy, convert them into paying customers. Below are some of the best ways to generate insurance leads on Facebook.

Use Facebook Groups

Facebook has many groups and utilizing these groups will see more success than posting individually on your own page. Also, Facebook prefers showing group posts on feeds over individual posts. With this knowledge, find relevant business groups to post to and use these to more effectively generate organic leads.

You can even create a Facebook group of your target audience and post relevant content there to make them aware of your insurance plans and services. Since people use Facebook on a regular basis, you won’t have to follow them to other platforms and they’ll get your posts in their feed each time the log on.

Try Facebook Live to Generate Insurance Leads

Facebook Live is a great feature which allows you to livestream from your Facebook group or page. This way, you can engage with your target audience, answer questions, and provide information in real time. If you share valuable content in your videos, you’ll get a lot of attention and shares from your audience. So, try doing live videos and make sure you cover insurance related questions that your potential customers may have. This is also an excellent platform to offer your services and products to your prospects. Try Facebook Live today. After the live session ends, you can post it as a video on your Facebook page to make sure that anyone visiting your page has access to the information that it provides even if they missed the live session itself.

Facebook Stories Work Great As Well

Stories are a great way to increase your outreach and get viewers within a short period of time. Using stories is a tried and true path to success on every social media platform. You can use your stories to answer specific questions asked by your customers, share your experience on a topic, or post fun and engaging content on your Facebook page or group.

One benefit to using stories is that they expire and go away after 24 hours. You can use stories to post any information that doesn’t need to be permanently available to your clientele. Some useful examples include special offers and giveaways. Another great feature of stories is that you directly interact with your users by receiving questions and providing answers. You will get the communications in your private chat.

Facebook Ads Methods for Generating Leads

If you think organic marketing isn’t yielding good results, you can also try paid marketing. With Facebook ads you can target your audience more precisely with amazing results.

To do this, you have to set your campaign type and targeted audience to reach the people you want. After that, you have to set the budget and create the post (ad). Up to 26% of people who click an ad end up purchasing the product or service, meaning Facebook ads can definitely be effective and if you have the extra money, should be utilized to increase your business.

Give these methods a try and find out which one or which combination of methods is best for you to generate insurance leads on Facebook.


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