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The hardest part of any business is being able to present your product to those in a position to buy. Quality leads are hard to come by and it often means wading through endless contacts, networks, and cold clients in order to find those few golden customers. What if I told you there were some tried and tested methods that generate insurance leads that are worth the effort? Call them business-hacks, call them client-cheats – call them whatever you like. These strategies are extremely helpful to generating leads online for your insurance business.

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In this article, we’re going to look at some of the basics for generating insurance leads online. You will learn how to generate interest, conversation – and most importantly – SALES!

Your website is the lobby, the front-door – the ultimate first impression. You wouldn’t advertise for Mercedes on the back of a used napkin – the same goes for your website. Aim for a clean, informative, and easy to navigate layout. You want to leave a professional impression that translates into lead generation and ultimately more sales. Your website lies at the heart of your lead-generation strategy. Your goal is to convert visitors to leads. Make sure that “Contact”, “Feedback” and any interactive elements (action buttons) are highlighted and easy to find. Also, you want to make sure you have an SSL certificate in place.


Most prospective clients don’t search for companies or products. They are way more likely to ask questions in search engines. The best way to appear in the search results is to regularly publish original content related to the services you provide. This could be in the form of blogs, news reports, or editorials.


In addition to creating your own content, funneling prospective customers through to your website via “lead magnets” is also an effective tool. At the end of each piece of content, a contact form allows you to build an email list from genuine, interested leads. Form fill options should be short and sweet. Don’t ask for 8 different pieces of information. Stick to their name, location, email, or phone.


Most old-school salespeople will tell you that there’s no better way of getting high-quality leads than word of mouth referrals. They’re right. However, while referrals can be a great way to secure new business, relying on it alone is almost always business suicide. Referrals can come in many shapes and sizes – but the more commonly used ones include;

  • Direct Referrals – asking your clients and customers to provide the contact details of friends and family who may be interested
  • Partnerships – Striking up mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues, competitors, and even completely unrelated entities
  • Community Networks – Injecting yourself into community groups or social partnerships can put you in the position to recommend services to those who would benefit from the service.
  • Incentivize Referrals/Affiliates – Create a loyalty system that rewards clients for providing lead referrals that result in new work or sales.


Claim listings for your business on local directories such as Yelp, Facebook Places, Yahoo!, Bing Places, LinkedIn, and Whitepages. You will be amazed at how many local directories you can get your business listed on. Mark your location on Google Maps and have regular clients leave genuine and positive reviews. Most importantly, leverage the power of local SEO by claiming and optimizing a listing with Google My Business, a free directory of local businesses. It’s any easy process that enables your business to appear in local searches.


A small investment into sporting teams, charities, or NGO’s can go a long way in positioning your business as a philanthropic, morally positive entity. Keep your target audience in mind, however: while your message will always have exposure, you want it to reach decision-makers.


Make social media a part of your marketing efforts to increase your agency’s reach, build relationships, and possibly even generate new business. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Target smart — Learn which social networks your clients and sought-after demographics are using.
  • Offer relevant content — Make the content you share relevant to the customers you serve. Stay up to date on the issues affecting the industries you serve and create or curate content that addresses these topics.
  • Be consistent — Your social efforts go further faster when you have a steady presence. A good guideline is to post daily on Facebook or Twitter and multiple times a week on LinkedIn.
  • Think visual — Use rich media, including images and video, with your content to increase interest and interaction.
  • Start conversations — Interact with followers and try to create dialogue. Respond to every comment or inquiry posted on your page.
  • Stay on brand — Establish an image and voice for your company and continue to develop it according to your brand.

Be wary however, of sponsored ads. They can be your best friend, but make sure you don’t cast too wide of a net so that you don’t waste money advertising to those who won’t be interested.


This may seem the most obvious tactic of all to generate quality sales leads online.

However, advertising has so many facets, methods, and mediums – there can be a massive difference between a successful advertising campaign and one that falls flat. Let’s go over a few different types and their pros and cons.

  • Pay per click – When you search for something on Google, Bing, or most other search engines, you’ll notice that some of the listings are sponsored and show up above the organic results with highest rankings. Use this method to target referrals based on key search words or phrases
  • Webinars – Depending on your target market, you may be successful with live video webinars. This option is significantly more affordable than a seminar with a venue, catering, and seating requirements.
  • Video Marketing – According to Forbes Insights, 59% of senior executives prefer watching video over reading text on the same issue. The attention span of video-watchers however, is quite low. If your video isn’t engaging in the first 10 seconds, then chances of further engagement are close to 0%.


There’s no shame in paying someone else to do the hard work for you. There are a variety of lead buying options available such as:

Direct Mail Leads – Direct mail leads are a tried and true method for generating insurance leads. Direct mail advertising is when an insurance agent pays to do a mailer and sends out pieces of mail to prospects in a certain area. After every direct mail marketing campaign there is a % of people who fill out the form with their information and send it back to you.

Lead Concepts specializes in selling insurance leads to insurance agents, brokers, and companies. You determine your location, specify your demographics, place an order, and at the end of it all you receive a stack of leads. In order for your insurance business to succeed you want to make sure the leads you are receiving are exclusive to you. You also want to have a consistent flow of leads coming in.

If you are looking for Medicare LeadsMortgage Protection LeadsFinal Expense and Burial LeadsFuneral Home/Preneed LeadsAnnuity Leads, Seminar LeadsAgent Recruiting Leads, or other Direct Mail Lead Options make sure to contact us so we can discuss your best plan of action.


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