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People are always buying new homes, and there are plenty of homeowners who are concerned about what will happen to their home after they pass away or become injured. New, young and inexperienced homeowners may be looking for guidance on handling their new asset. However, mortgage protection insurance is exponentially more popular with older age groups due to its benefits. After 30 years in business, we have a wealth of knowledge about generating senior leads, and we are able to specifically target those who are eligible for mortgage protection insurance. Lead Concepts can provide you with mortgage protection insurance leads that can help grow your clientele and expand your reach.

Someone in the market for mortgage protection insurance doesn’t make this purchase often and usually won’t rush into a commitment. Lead Concepts can get your services to the inbox of those who need them. By providing potential customers with the information they need, helping them have confidence in your services and inspiring them to reach out to you, Lead Concepts can get you the leads you need to be successful.

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Direct mail is, by far, the best way to reach potential mortgage protection leads. We find that this is a professional marketing avenue that new homeowners are very receptive to. However, there are still many issues when it comes to reaching mortgage protection insurance leads via direct mail. A reason why a client may not see his or her desired response rates when dealing with mortgage protection is the large volume of mail that new homeowners receive. That’s why Lead Concepts is proud of our ability to be first to the door and, therefore, the first to get returns. In fact, our mortgage protection mailed leads are some of the best in the business. We at Lead Concepts pride ourselves on our heavily researched lead generation strategies that we currently provide. We can promptly notify new homeowners — before competitors or other mailers — of your services to get you fresh and interested future customers. Additionally, our mail pieces have been perfected over 30 years to generate the highest response rates possible. Our customizable mortgage protection direct mail leads have proven to be extremely satisfactory to our clients time and time again. Our same-day turnaround and up-to-date lists make sure that your mailer is received before others, leading to higher rates of closing than other lead companies. Order Mortgage Protection Leads

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Our Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) services make it easier than ever for clients to create a mortgage protection direct mail lead generation strategy. In four easy steps our customers can work through EDDM and relay their desired mail preferences to our team members and get their marketing plan off the ground. Contact us today to begin growing your business through a mortgage protection insurance EDDM mailing campaign. From the Editor: “Why Direct Mail Still Works”

“The Benefits

  1. U.S. Consumers prefer it.

In a 2012 Epsilon channel preference study, 73% of U.S. consumers stated that they prefer direct mail for brand communication. The overwhelming sentiment was that customers felt more at ease, as they were able to read the information at their own convenience. In a world of obnoxious internet pop-up ads, it seems that customers feel more relaxed with a less in-your-face approach.

  1. It has a much longer lifespan.

An interesting piece of mail could be the topic of conversation in a household for weeks, while an email or social media ad can be opened and ignored, deleted, or scrolled past in the matter of a few seconds. According to RetailWire, the average lifespan of a direct mail advertisement is 17 days, while the lifetime of an email advertisement is a few seconds.

  1. Allows for more creativity and personalization

Direct mail campaigns offer a blank canvas. There is a wide variety of fonts, colors, styles, and textures of paper that can make a certain brand stand out. Experts estimate that U.S. adults see somewhere from 4,000 to 10,000 online ads per day. While brands may use enticing graphic design tactics in online ads, the effects are dulled due to the large volume of ads a person sees per day, making it difficult for brands to stand out. However, a person may receive around 5-10 pieces of mail a day, which allows much more room for creative direction that will attract attention easily.”

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