Why We Don’t Ask For Date Of Birth in Senior Leads

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How to Get More Leads From Seniors

Mailers and plans need steady updates to maintain their relevancy and results. We have identified that asking for Date of Birth or Age has been a barrier to increased returns. Many seniors believe this information to be private, despite the fact that it is publicly available. This aversion to providing private information lowers response rates to senior leads. Seniors do not want to return the card to a company or agent. They view as asking for too much personal information nor do they want that information available to anyone who may happen to see the direct mailer card in the mail. We obviously want to have as many responses as possible. So, what is the best way to increase the return rate?

To avoid this issue, we are removing the Date of Birth and Age fields on our mailers going forward. This eases some of the distrust stemming from requesting that information and makes seniors more likely to want to return the lead cards. However, this leaves a bit of a problem. Many of our leads are self-qualifying. That means that just by the information that they have provided, an agent will be able to tell, at least at a basic level, what plan(s) or benefits that someone may be eligible for. This is an important part of any lead. We need access to all information to supply the best options.

How to Find Hidden Data

With age and date of birth no longer being requested, how are agents supposed to have access to this information? Especially information  which could prove vital in determining whether or not a lead is worth pursuing. We have a pretty simple answer for this. All dates of birth, including the spouse’s (when available), are provided as information within the barcode. You will find this present on your leads when you receive them. So, if you find yourself asking about this information, check the barcode on your lead and remember, these changes were done so that we can get you as many leads as possible.

Lead Concepts constantly seeks steady, consistent improvement. We do so by examining the data that we gather about our mailers, demographics, and more. We make adjustments to our designs using this information,. Also our content, policies, and information that we provide our customers in order to maximize returns is updated. Our products and strategies are always shifting as a result to ensure that our clients always receive the most bang for their buck.


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