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Does your community know you?

Your prospects are evolving; consumers hold trustworthy brands to higher standards. In response, agents must adapt! Seminars can be a conduit for trust-building and brand development. During an educational event, you have the time to gently persuade and close the sale.

If you have prospects that cancel or do not show up for your event, NO WORRIES… we capture their information for follow-up as a warm lead!

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Why you should get seminar leads to fill your workshops

Seminar Mailing Strategies

Lead Concepts’ direct-mail marketing campaigns can be made to fit your brand and any subject matter. Whether Financial Planning, Medicare, or PreNeed/Funeral Home informational events. We can also provide mailing lists, social media marketing, reservation hotlines, confirmation calls, and reminders leading up to your event.

Educational events can also have a digital lead generation add-on, allowing you to reach more potential attendees differently to supplement the mail campaign.


Seminar Best Practices


Maximize your attendance with some helpful advice from 30 years of experience.

  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm
  • Dinners, not lunches
  • If hosting at a venue without food (VFW or library), include a small gift card or giveaway
  • We also offer digital ads along with your direct mail
  • Maximize your results using our Reservation Service Seminar Link

Plan Your Seminar 4 Weeks Out. We recommend mailing at least 2,000 names if doing one seminar location, 4,000 mailers if you are doing two locations, and 5,000+ mailers if you are hosting at three locations. 

Seminar Best Practices Key

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“The Seminar went very well. 37 People attended. The attendees were very engaged and asked lots of questions. I was able to get permission to contact information from all attendees and will be following up for feedback and to hopefully set in person appointments in the next few days.”

Facebook Ads with Seminar Edge

Use Facebook to Supercharge your Seminar

When marketing tactics are aligned across omnichannel media platforms, businesses have the greatest opportunity to convert prospects, cut through the clutter, achieve campaign objectives, and optimize ROI.

Lead Concepts offers digital marketing campaigns to support agents and brokers who produce and host seminars. Direct Mail Seminar Campaigns with integrated Facebook advertising will supercharge any event. Don’t make the mistake of investing all your marketing funds into one marketing channel.

We mail at a specified time to allow for reservations to arrive, and adding a Facebook campaign is highly recommended. The Facebook ad campaign will run for 14 days, starting 15 days before the event. The budget will be divided up and spent evenly across each day.

These Facebook leads will be driven to a landing page set up for the event. Your seminar marketing campaign will be run within a five-mile radius of the event location or the radius of your choosing.


Most agents can produce, coordinate, and execute a financial planning seminar or a Turning 65 workshop. However, most cannot fill their room with an excited and attentive target audience. New agents are stressed over getting people in the room, especially for their first seminar.

This is where Lead Concepts can help. We are here to get those eager attendees to your event. 

Our Financial Planning and Medicare Seminar leads are contacted with mailers that can be made to accommodate your branding and tailored to fit any genre of educational event, meeting, or workshop. Our mailing lists are the most up-to-date in the industry.

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  • 24/7 toll-free reservation service
  • Entry level is for 40 reservation confirmation calls the day prior
  • Included in the cost, we provide a QR code printed on your mail piece and a landing page for prospects to RSVP to your event.
  • You get the data for follow-up and to close that sale.


Seminar Link is Lead Concept’s single solution for reservations and attendee tracking. With Seminar Link, every reservation is a lead that can be worked. Agents and brokers will have full clarity of your event when you partner with Lead Concepts.

With Seminar Link, clients can host seminars with ease and collect and track the email addresses and phone numbers of all attendees.

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5 Steps on Filling Seminar Seats with Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

2022 is the year of getting back out into society. This means that seminars are going to see a surge in popularity soon. How can agents use this to their advantage?

They can hold regularly scheduled seminars and educational events for seniors in their local communities.

This article will present the five key steps one must take to accomplish a successful seminar and profit. We will also explain how Lead Concepts can help you achieve that success

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