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The highest direct mail response rates in the industry – more loyal patients!

How to get more patients in your dental practice?

Our direct mail approach is the best way to get more patients into your dental practice, and it is the best way to keep them coming back! Since 1991, Lead Concepts has helped dentists attract more clients into their offices.

Don't just get patients...
Build meaningul relationships!

Direct mail produces some amazing results for local dentist offices! It allows a more personal approach to marketing that helps accomplish two very important things: marketing your practice AND building relationships with your patients. In fact, 70% of people believe mail is more personal than digital advertising. This makes direct mail the top option for gaining and keeping LOYAL patients.

Targeted Leads

With our direct mail campaigns, you can easily and effectively target the perfect demographics. Your responses are READY and INTERESTED in your dental services. This makes it easy to get people into your clinic and convert them into valuable, loyal patients. Our data lists compile demographics and information in your specific niche market. Don't know the best demographics? Our new movers list is an excellent place to start! Give people new in town a warm welcome, become their first trusted dentist, and earn a lifelong customer.

Get more patients in your clinic, today!

The digital world is oversaturated with advertisements, allowing direct mail to stand out and resonate with its target audience.

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More questions regarding dentist leads?

Get in touch with us today! We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding dental practice marketing, direct mail, or lead generation. Furthermore, our knowledge and expertise guarantee this will be your best direct mail campaign yet. What's more, Lead Concepts has a proven track record of generating results since 1991, and every year we improve our mailers giving you the best tools to succeed.