Medicare Advantage Leads

Medicare Advantage insurance for the senior market made easy.

Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, is a lucrative product for insurance agents. Our Medicare Advantage lead campaigns generate a steady flow of high quality leads, and our experience ensures you have the best opportunity to close more sales.

Baby Boomers are drastically increasing the senior market. According to the Population Reference Bureau, seniors ages 65+ are projected to more than double by 2060. What does this mean for you? Medicare Advantage policies will continue to thrive, and there is a wealth of interested policy seekers who want your Medicare Part C plan! Lead Concepts puts you in front of these decision-makers and gets you more leads from seniors looking for Medicare Advantage.

Targeted Lists for Medicare Advantage

One of the keys to a successful Medicare Advantage direct mail campaign is a targeted list. You are not the only agent marketing to seniors, so you need to make sure you are targeting the best demographics. Lead Concepts has years of experience targeting the perfect demographics and geography that guarantee the highest response rates.

Some of the criteria we use when generating a list are:


• Low-income Households
Families on a tight budget are more likely to purchase an affordable Medicare Advantage plan

• Ages 60 and over
The exact age parameters will depend on the specific mail piece. Request our Medicare Advantage samples for more information.

• Minorities
According to Health Services Research, minorities are more likely to purchase Medicare Advantage plans

• Seniors in good health
Policies are more affordable on a monthly-basis

• Seniors without major medical conditions
Medicare Advantage often requires a co-pay. This makes Medicare Advantage less appealing to individuals who frequent the doctor’s office.

We target the exact senior market that will give you the greatest success in selling Medicare Part C policies. 

This is what makes direct mail marketing with Lead Concepts the best option for selling Medicare Advantage. Direct mail leads might be the one thing you need to push your business even further.

It isn’t always easy keeping up with your prospects, leads, and current customers. With Lead Concepts’ revolutionary Lead Management Software, Lead Link, we make it easy to manage your leads. Make custom notes on individual leads to track their progress through the sales pipeline, keep in touch with those you haven’t contacted in 3 months, and more. We offer easy-to-use tools to manage your Medicare Advantage leads.

Set up a direct mail marketing campaign to generate leads on a regular basis. With fresh leads coming your way, you can spend your time selling and building client relationships.

With the leads we generate, you can become the policy-seeker’s trusted advisor. With these solid relationships, you have a wider audience and a greater chance to get referrals. Recent changes in healthcare cause many policy holders to re-evaluate their coverage, giving you the perfect opportunity to speak with them regarding Medicare Advantage. Clients with Medicare even have the opportunity to switch to Medicare Advantage regardless of the open enrollment period. You can market to these customers every time of year, build rapport, and sell more policies.

Lead Concepts gets you in front of more decision-makers seeking Medicare Part C insurance than any other lead generation service. Our unique lead pieces come in many forms and are all proven successes. Our Dual Eligible trifold targets the widest range of seniors and generates an industry-leading 4-6% response rate. Request to see more of our Medicare Advantage mailers for more information. All of our pieces are carefully crafted to generate the highest responses.

Get in touch with us today. We’ll make your Long Term Care campaigns a success.

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More questions regarding Medicare Advantage leads?

Get in touch with us today! We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding Medicare Advantage leads, direct mail, or lead generation. We have the knowledge and expertise you need to make this your best Med Advantage campaign yet. Lead Concepts has a proven track record of generating results since 1991, and every year we improve our mailers giving you the best tools to succeed.