Medicare Supplement Leads

Medicare Supplement insurance for the senior market made easy.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Seniors with Medicare Supplement (or Medigap) insurance has been steadily increasing year over year.  In fact, over 75 million people are projected to be enrolled by the year 2026. This makes Medicare Supplement policies an extremely competitive market for insurance agents. Therefore, you need to target the right people with the best direct mail campaigns in the nation. Lead Concepts can help.

Our proven methods put you in front of the highest quality leads, and our experience ensures you have the best opportunity to close more sales. We get you more leads who are actively seeking Medicare Supplement insurance. In addition, all of our leads are 100% exclusive giving you the best opportunity to sell more policies.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to market the perfect Medicare Supplement demographics with a targeted list. Lead Concepts has years of experience targeting the best demographics and geography that guarantee the highest response rates. We stay up-to-date with the best strategies in order to ensure we filter prospects with the top parameters.

We consider the facts when refining your list:


• Almost 70% of all Medicare Supplement beneficiaries live with someone else

• As of 2016, over 58% of Medicare Supplement policy holders are women

• Lower incomes are more likely to purchase Medicare Advantage (link), while low to high incomes purchase Medicare Supplement

• In 2013, most Medigap beneficiaries reported fair to excellent health. Fewer than 10 percent reported poor health.

When an individual responds to your mailer, they express a known interest in your Medicare Supplement policy. These decision-makers are expecting to hear from you, and they will be more inclined to purchase your insurance. This is what makes direct mail marketing with Lead Concepts the best option for selling Medicare Supplement insurance. We put you in front of top leads in the senior market who are actively seeking Medicare Supplement policies.

It isn’t always easy keeping up with your prospects, leads, and current customers. With Lead Concepts’ revolutionary Lead Management Software, Lead Link, we make it easy to manage your leads. Make custom notes on individual leads to track their progress through the sales pipeline, keep in touch with those you haven’t contacted in 3 months, and more. We offer easy-to-use tools to manage your Medicare Supplement leads.

Lead Concepts’ direct mail marketing campaigns are your top lead source for Medicare Supplement. According to the AARP, over 10,000 seniors age-in to retirement age every single day. With such a high number of seniors in the market, there is no shortage of interested policy-seekers.

Our campaigns capitalize on this market and generate a consistent flow of high quality leads. With new leads coming your way, you can spend your time selling more Medigap policies.

In fact, many of our clients in the Medicare Supplement industry, with the use of our consistent lead program, are well into the six figure income bracket. You can easily set appointments with the leads we generate. Medicare Supplement and Medigap insurance are often part of a comprehensive package, which complements other insurance policies like Medicare Advantage and Long Term Care. By targeting each market, you can get ahead of more leads and sell more policies.

Lead Concepts gets you in front of more decision-makers seeking Medicare Supplement insurance than any other lead generation service. Our unique lead pieces come in many forms and are all proven successes. Our Medicare Supplement “Premium Savings” tri-fold offers cost-effective results, and our Medicare “Health Coverage Update” mailer dominates the AEP market with response rates over 4%. Request to see more of our Medicare Supplement mailers for more information. All of our pieces are carefully crafted to generate the highest response rates.

Get in touch with us today. We’ll make your Medicare Supplement campaigns a success.

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Get in touch with us today! We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding Medicare Supplement leads, direct mail, or lead generation. We have the knowledge and expertise you need to make this your best Med Supp campaign yet. Lead Concepts has a proven track record of generating results since 1991, and every year we improve our mailers giving you the best tools to succeed.